Your Tenants Are Moving Out? Final Inspection Tips for San Antonio, TX Homeowners

Paying attention to a few final inspection tips for San Antonio, TX homeowners will help you save money on turnover costs between tenants. Your move out inspection is just as important as your move in inspection, and it’s important that you compare the way the property looked at move in to the way it looks at move out.

Documenting Condition

The move out inspection should include a lot of detailed photos that demonstrate how every part of the house looks. Photograph each room as well as floors, walls, doors and closets. Take pictures of appliances, cabinets, sinks and tubs so you have a complete and accurate picture of how the tenant has left the property.


Your tenants should leave the property as clean as they received it. During your inspection, note whether the carpets have been professionally cleaned and if your standards of cleanliness have been met. Make sure your lease explains what you expect in terms of cleaning at the time of move out. If you want tenants to have the carpets professionally cleaned, for example, make sure they know that and ask them to provide you with an invoice that proves they had it done. If the tenants don’t clean the place properly, you will have to do it yourself and in order to charge their security deposit for those costs, you must have the requirements written out in the lease.

Security Deposit

The claims you make on the tenant’s security deposit must be for specific things. Use the same inspection form that you used during move in so that you can clearly show where damage has occurred and why you are charging the deposit. Remember that you cannot charge for normal wear and tear. If you’re going to make a claim against the security deposit, you have to demonstrate why and how much it will cost to fix or replace whatever was damaged. Keep all receipts, quotes and invoices and share them with the tenants.

Most landlords expect to spend money getting the property ready for rent and move in. You don’t want to spend a lot more money at the time of move out or between tenants. Contact Bluefax Realty if you need help with move out inspections or you’re not sure what can be charged against the security deposit.

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