Turning Over Your San Antonio Property? Security Tips and How to Prepare

When you are turning over your San Antonio property between tenants, security is one of your most important considerations. You’ll need to rekey the property and ensure you’re using the correct locks and features that will keep your tenants and your property safe.

Exterior Door Locks

According to the Texas Property Code, you’re required to have locks, deadbolts and a keyless deadbolt or a locking ring on all exterior doors in your property. An exterior door is defined as a door that takes you from the inside of the property to the outside of the property. Your front door, back door and any door to your garage qualifies as an exterior door. Each one should have a door handle and a lock, as well as a deadbolt that comes with a key. Inside the home, your exterior doors need a keyless deadbolt or a locking ring. That prevents someone with a key from simply walking into the house. It provides an extra layer of protection for tenants when they are inside the home.


The Texas Property Code also requires peepholes, or door viewers on those exterior doors. Unless the doors are glass doors, there has to be a way for someone inside the house to see who is at the door. The door viewer needs to provide at least 160 degrees of visibility. You can find peepholes with 180 degrees of visibility as well, and those are usually a better choice. They don’t cost too much more, and tenants will feel safer with those installed.

If you have a property manager, make sure you discuss meeting the requirements of the Property Code when it comes to exterior doors and the security features that are required. If you don’t have a property manager and you’re unsure of how to comply with these requirements, contact Bluefax Realty and we can take care of these details for you.

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