To Evict or Not Evict? When Do You Know It’s Time for Your Indiana Tenants to Go

There are three major reasons for tenant eviction in Indianapolis. If you find yourself in one of these situations, it’s best to get those problem tenants out of your property as soon as possible so you can turn it over to responsible tenants who will pay on time, respect the lease and take good care of the home.

Payment Problems

When you have a tenant who has stopped paying rent or cannot seem to scrape together the necessary funds every month, it’s necessary to evict. This process must be started immediately if you have tenants who are late on rent. If you wait a full month before you begin to take the steps towards eviction, you’re going to waste a lot of time and lose a lot of money. Send out a letter to your tenants the day after rent is due if you don’t receive their payment. When you’re pursuing an eviction and a tenant wants to make a partial payment, be careful. You should only agree to this if it’s a one-time problem that you’re having with this particular tenant. Accepting any sort of payment will stall the eviction process. Don’t accept that partial payment unless you really want to keep the tenants in your property and let them get caught up.

Lease Problems

Tenants who violate the lease might also need to be evicted from your property. Sometimes a tenant will move in additional people who have not been screened or approved. Other times, they will get a pet when the lease prohibits pets. As soon as you know something has happened that is in violation of the lease, let the tenants know that you are aware of the situation. Tell them that they need to fix the problem, or eviction proceedings will begin. Make sure you are consistent in these cases. You have to treat all your tenants the same or you are liable for charges of discrimination.

Maintenance Problems

Your lease must be very specific about what you expect from the tenant in terms of maintaining the property. If you find that your tenants are not changing the furnace filters on a regular basis or keeping the gutters clean, you need to remind them that the lease they signed requires them to do these things and if they don’t, eviction is possible. In some cases, tenants will cause problems in the neighborhood. If they are loud or disrespectful and the police are constantly being called to the property, you’re going to have a negative effect on your property value and your reputation in the neighborhood. Direct your tenants to the lease and evict any tenants who are continually causing problems and ignoring your attempts to communicate.

Contact Indiana Property Management Group if you have any questions about when it’s appropriate to evict a tenant.

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