Tips to Avoid Rental Scams in Portland, OR

It’s easier than ever to shop for goods and services online and rental property can also be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people trying to make money off renters who are looking for great homes at low prices. These tips to avoid rental scams in Portland, OR will help you protect your identity as well as your property when you’re listing it online. You don’t want someone to misrepresent your property to honest tenants who are looking for homes.

Property Photos

Take the time to search for photos of your property on the Internet. When you post your own photos with your ad, you can hover over the image and right click on that picture. Once you have a URL for your photo, you can paste it into a search engine and see if that URL is showing up on any other sites. If you see it on unauthorized websites or in other ads, you can take the necessary steps to get it taken down. Use this type of search with text as well, or even with your property’s address. See what is online when it comes to your property so you’ll know if scammers are trying to make money off your rental property.

Property Management

One of the best ways to avoid falling victim to scam artists is to use a property management company. Property managers will include contact information in all your advertisements and marketing. If you find an ad that has an email address or a telephone number you don’t recognize, you’ll know instantly that it’s a scam.

Setting Up a Google Alert

When you have a Google alert in place, you can have the search engine look for these types of details on your behalf. You’ll get an email any time your photos or address shows up on the Internet. This can be a great tool in keeping scams from affecting your rental property and any potential tenants who may want to live there.

Staying vigilant against scams online is your best defense. Contact Mainlander Property Management if you need any help in identifying and avoiding these problems.

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