Maintenance Costing Too Much? Tips for Reducing Costs in Your Walnut Creek, CA Rental Property

The cost of rental property maintenance in Walnut Creek, CA can be a problem for landlords, especially when it diminishes the return you’re able to earn on your investment. You know your property is going to need repairs from time to time, and the way you manage those repairs will make a difference in how much you spend.

Invest in Solid Materials

When you’re turning your property over between tenants or taking care of upgrades and remodels, be sure you use solid, reliable materials. If you’re updating your bathroom or installing a kitchen, consider using granite for the counters instead of laminate. Tile floors will last a lot longer and look a lot nicer than linoleum floors. When you invest the money in good materials, you won’t have to spend a lot of money down the road maintaining, replacing, or repairing them. These things will ultimately pay for themselves.

Flooring Maintenance

You can really cut down on your maintenance and repair costs by paying attention to the floors you install. Forget the carpet and put in laminate hardwood flooring throughout the property. This will last longer, you won’t have as much wear and tear, and you won’t have to worry about replacing it every couple of years because of stains or rips. The floors might get scratched, but those marks won’t be terribly noticeable.

Commit to Preventative Maintenance

Deferred maintenance is the most expensive kind of repair work your property will need. It’s much better to pay for preventative maintenance. It will be cheaper, and the work will be less complicated. Inspect your property whenever you can. Tenants don’t always report it when a faucet starts leaking. If you can take care of these problems early, you’ll save money.

Screen Tenants

Tenant screening is important for a lot of reasons, and it also contributes to keeping your maintenance costs low. While you’re talking to former landlords, ask about the tenant’s history with reporting maintenance. You don’t want to rent to tenants who have a record of causing damage.

If you need help reigning in maintenance costs that are out of control, contact MSB Property Management.

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