Terrible Management, Shocking Tenants, and Other Mistakes Long Beach, CA Landlords Make

One of the benefits to using professional property management in Long Beach, CA is that you can avoid costly mistakes. Many landlords make the same mistakes all the time, and while those errors are usually unintentional, they can end up creating legal and financial nightmares. If you aren’t working with a professional manager, think about whether you’re putting yourself in danger of making these mistakes.

Placing the Wrong Tenants

A bad tenant has the potential to cause damage to your property and leave you without rental income for a number of months. Landlords often neglect to screen applicants properly, and that can lead to bad decisions. You need a fair and consistent process of attracting and screening tenants that complies with all fair housing laws. Make sure you’re verifying income, checking credit, and talking to past landlords.

Creating Bad Leases

A strong lease is the best protection you have as a landlord. It protects your property and your legal and financial interests. If your rental contract is something you pulled off the internet, or a generic form that doesn’t apply specifically to California, you’re going to have a hard time enforcing it. If you need to file an eviction or charge the security deposit or take any kind of action against your tenant and the lease does not address the proper procedures, you could get into trouble. Your rental contract is essential, and it has to be written well and legally enforceable.

Poor Tenant Management

When you have tenants in your home, you need to treat them professionally and respectfully. That means responding to their questions and their needs in a timely manner, and taking care of any repairs that are necessary. You are legally required to provide a safe and habitable home, and if you’re ignoring maintenance, you won’t keep tenants, and you may find yourself in court.

Lack of Communication

Everyone communicates differently, and as a landlord you need to be prepared to communicate with the tenant in whatever way makes them comfortable. Answer your phone, respond to messages, and be willing to talk about what the tenant needs and what you expect. If the rent is late, you need to be able to address it professionally. If you notice an unauthorized pet at the property, you need to be able to talk about it with the tenant. You cannot avoid the tenants and you cannot be an overbearing landlord. Communicate wisely and well.

These are the mistakes that most landlords frequently make. If you need help avoiding them, contact us at Progressive Property Management.

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