Tips, Advice and Action Plan When Handling Evictions in Your Sacramento Rental

When your tenant stops paying rent or violates the terms of your rental agreement, you need to know how to handle eviction in Sacramento. It’s important to act quickly and correctly so you don’t lose more time and money during the eviction.

Step One: Contact Tenant

Give your tenants a call if you don’t receive your rent on the day it’s due and you haven’t received any explanations or notifications from your tenant. Every now and then, a tenant will simply forget or make a mistake while trying to pay rent. If the late rent is an isolated incident and a problem that’s easy to fix, figure out a way that the tenant can get caught up quickly so you don’t have to move forward with the eviction process.

Step Two: Three Day Notice

It’s not a good sign when the tenants avoid your phone calls and refuse to talk to you about the late rent. If this happens, you need to serve a Three Day Notice. This provides the tenants with the option of paying the rent or leaving the property within three days. At this point, you want to ask for the overdue rent only. Don’t require late fees or additional costs because you’ll be a lot less likely to get any money at all.

Step Three: Hire an Attorney

When three days pass without any rental payments or contact from the tenant, you need to move forward with filing an eviction through the courts. Talk to an attorney who is experienced in California evictions so you can be sure the process goes smoothly and successfully. California law makes evictions very complicated and even the slightest mistake can set you back financially and time-wise. If you’re working with a property management company, find out what kind of eviction plan they offer. Many property managers will cover the costs of an eviction, including the attorney fees, if you are part of their program.

Contact Sacramento Delta if you have any questions or you need help evicting a tenant from your rental property.