Time for Them to Go? Late Rent and the Tenant Eviction Process in Salt Lake City, UT

The most common reason for tenant eviction in Salt Lake City, UT is the late payment or nonpayment of rent. When it comes to collecting rent every month, consistency is essential. If you don’t have any procedures in place, or you have them in place but you don’t follow them, tenants are not going to know what to expect. Set up a system that dictates when rent is due, on what date it is considered late, and what the consequences are when it doesn’t get paid on time. You have to decide when you’ll post notices and how long you’ll wait before you file for eviction.

Posting a Pay or Quit Notice

When your tenant is late paying rent, you should post a Pay or Quit Notice on the door immediately. So if your rent is due on the first, and you give tenants a grace period until the 5th, but the rent still isn’t paid, you should post that notice on the 6th. That should motivate the tenants to get the rent in. Following this process each time will show them that you’re serious and that you will enforce your rent collection policies.

Filing the Eviction

Don’t wait too long to move forward. If it’s the 15th of the month and you still don’t have rent from your tenant, there’s only a 20 percent chance that they will catch up. The later into the month you go, the less likely it is that you’ll ever collect your rent. Go forward with the eviction, and then if you have a tenant who is able to get current with the rental payments, you can stop the process and move forward. Keep the eviction moving ahead, however. File the necessary paperwork and prepare to evict.

Communication and Legal Help

It’s always a good idea to try and contact the tenants when rent is late. If the payments don’t come in, make a phone call and see if there is something going on. Perhaps your tenant will tell you that he’s a few days behind, but expects to have it on a certain date. If you cannot get in touch with your tenants, that’s an indication that they’re probably not planning to pay the rent at all. You definitely want to move forward with the eviction in those cases. A lawyer who is experienced in evictions can complete the process with efficiency and little cost to you. Many property management companies keep them on retainer.

Remember to be consistent in your rent collection polices. If you have any questions, please contact us at Advanced Solutions Property Management.

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