Enough is Enough! Is It Time to Fire Your Property Management Company in Phoenix, AZ?

How do you know when it’s time to fire your property management company in Phoenix, AZ? If your property is running efficiently and you’re getting your rent paid on time and everything is working smoothly, you know you’re in good hands. However, there are some signs that can indicate it is time to look for someone who can do the job a little better.

Hidden or Surprise Fees

Extra charges are annoying, and if you are constantly running into expenses and costs that were not outlined in your management agreement, you should question them. Rental property owners need to pay about $10 for their statutory registration in Maricopa County. Some property managers are charging their tenants three times that amount to file the registration for them. That’s ridiculous, and if you’re feeling squeezed for extra money at every turn, it’s fair to start looking for another management company.

Confusing Accounting Reports

Your property manager should send you a clear and detailed accounting statement every month. If you don’t understand what you’re reading, you’ll have trouble understanding your income and expenses. Make sure you understand your property manager’s software and how to log into your account and see how your property is performing.

Long Vacancy Periods

With the rental market performing the way it is, you shouldn’t be waiting for months to get your property rented. When your vacancy seems extreme, find out what kind of marketing and advertising is being done. You might not be getting enough attention on the websites that potential renters use to find homes. Perhaps your yard sign is unprofessional or you’re not listed on the MLS. A good property manager will track marketing results. If your house needs work or is priced too high, your manager should be able to address those things and get it rented quickly.

Inefficient Maintenance and Repairs

Your property management company needs to provide maintenance work that is affordable, reliable, and high quality. You shouldn’t be paying hundreds of dollars for a handyman to plunge a toilet. Your property manager should require fair pricing from vendors and a guarantee on the work they provide.

Lack of Communication

If your property manager is not accessible or available, you have every right to look for a new one. You want to be sure your manager will respond to emergencies, or even get back to you quickly when you have a question or need some advice.

If you’re not getting the service you need from your property manager, start looking around. Contact HomeQwik with any questions.

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