Tenants Failed to Pay the Rent? How to Deal with Eviction in Concord, CA

You’ll have a hard time finding a landlord who wants to deal with eviction in Concord, CA. It’s not a pleasant process, and if you’re proactive, you can prevent them. A solid screening process will help you control the type of tenant you get. Bad tenants lead to big problems, and many times those tenancies will result in an eviction for unpaid rent.

Contact the Tenant

When you don’t receive rent from your tenant on the day it’s due, your first step is to contact the tenant. Sometimes a simple phone call can resolve the issue and you won’t have to go any further. Ask the tenants why they have not paid the rent and see if they are willing to tell you when they’ll be able to pay. There could be a logical explanation for the late payment. If the tenants are apologetic and promise to pay by a specific date, it is a good idea to let them do that. Give them a chance to come up with the late rental payment. Establishing a respectful relationship with your tenants will help you in situations such as these. Keep the lines of communication open.

3 Day Notice

If your tenants are avoiding your attempts to get in touch, or the rent does not get paid when the tenants said they would pay it, you need to post a 3 Day Notice. This expresses the urgency of the situation to your tenants and it should get their attention. This notice essentially tells them they have three days to pay the rent or leave the home.

Eviction Attorney

When you still don’t get a payment after you post the 3 Day Notice, you’ll need to move forward with the eviction process. At this point, contact an experienced attorney. There is always the hope that it won’t come to that. Perhaps you will get the money that’s owed once an attorney is involved, or in some cases you can avoid court by getting your tenant to move out immediately. Eviction should always be a last resort. It costs money and time, and you want to keep your rental property profitable.

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