Learn about Tenant Eviction from the Pros

Landlords need to know how to evict a tenant, even if the idea of an eviction inspires extreme unease.

When tenants stop paying rent, purposely damage your property, or violate the terms of your lease without any indication that they are willing to work with you, it’s time to find new tenants. The eviction process does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, especially if you do it right.

The most important thing you need to know about eviction is this: time is of the essence. Don’t wait to send the eviction letter and start the process. If you and your tenant work something out, you can call off the eviction and halt the court proceedings. But you must begin the process immediately so you are prepared and able to protect your rental property from further loss and potential damage.

Most landlords don’t act because they don’t know what to do. Or they feel bad. Don’t fall into these traps. If you don’t take action, your tenant can turn things around and take you to court. They can live rent-free in your property while you wring your hands over what to do.

Poorly handled evictions can get you into legal and financial trouble. The situation you are in can feel pretty desperate, but you don’t want to change the locks on your tenants or cut off their utilities or become confrontational with them. You have to be smart, proactive, and educated. You must act within the eviction laws in your city.

You’ll need to know how to serve a notice of eviction and where to file the eviction paperwork.

You’ll need to understand the proper timelines and assemble all your documentation. Check your lease, keep copies of everything, and make sure you have been tracking missed and late rent payments.

Eviction laws vary in each state and city.

That’s why we’ve gathered some expert advice from experienced property managers who do business all over the country. These professionals will tell you what you need, where to turn, and how to evict a tenant and turn your rental property into a profitable business again.

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