Tenant Eviction in Portland, OR – Timeframe, Notices and What to Expect

When you’re managing a tenant eviction in Portland, OR, you can expect the process to take a minimum of 30 days and possibly up to 45 days. You need to act quickly and you need to follow the legal process perfectly, otherwise it will end up taking longer and costing you more money.

72 Hour Notice

As soon as rent is not paid, you should send the tenants a 72 Hour Notice. It’s critical that this notice is completed correctly. If you do not include all of the necessary information that’s required by Oregon’s laws, the notice will not be legally compliant and the courts will not recognize it. You’ll need to begin the process again, and that’s going to be expensive. Pay attention to the notice and if you have any questions about what you should be doing, contact a property manager or an eviction expert.

Professional Help

One of the reasons that professional property managers are able to handle evictions so efficiently is because they have access to resources such as third party legal companies. Try using someone like Landlord Solutions to start and finish the eviction process. When you use a third party, you can be sure the eviction will be filed correctly at the courthouse and if the case gets as far as a court hearing, someone will go to court on your behalf. Landlord Solutions has been working in this field for many years, and it’s a true benefit to have access to the experience and comfort level that they have with the process and the courts. If you have a tenant not paying rent, you’ll be able to hand the problem over to a company that has done this hundreds of times before. Evicting tenants can be emotional, and if you aren’t comfortable with confrontation, using a third party eviction vendor is even more beneficial.

Complicated Evictions

It’s especially useful to have the help of a professional eviction service if there are reasons that the eviction might go beyond the usual 30 to 45 days. If complications arise, you’ll need the legal help in order to protect your property and your financial interests.

Contact Jim McNeeley Real Estate and Property Management with any questions about Oregon law as it pertains to evictions or what you should do when you have a tenant who isn’t paying rent.