How A Tampa, Florida Property Manager Handles Eviction

No landlord enjoys the eviction process, but sometimes it is necessary to protect your investment and your rental income. The best way to handle tenant eviction in Tampa, FL is to avoid them whenever you can.

Screening Tenants

A rigorous screening process will ensure you get good tenants in your property, which reduces the chances that you’ll have to evict. Placing tenants who will pay rent on time and take care of your property means you won’t have to spend your time begging for late rent or forcing people out of the property. Take the time to do a detailed screening and verify everything the application says about a potential tenant.

Rental Payment Policy

Your lease should be clear about the payment process. Make sure you talk to the tenant about what you expect in terms of timely payments. When you allow a tenant to pay late once or twice without any consequences, you’ll have a hard time enforcing the lease and its requirements.

Professional Help

When a tenant is not paying rent and you need to begin the eviction process, talk to a property manager or an attorney immediately. If you try to evict a tenant on your own, you could make a mistake that results in a longer, costlier process. The courts have very strict rules about when and how forms and notices are filed. There is a lot of potential for error. You want to work with someone who does this all the time and can get the nonpaying tenant removed from your property quickly and legally.

Filing the Eviction

Your attorney will help you file the necessary paperwork with the clerk of the court to obtain an eviction. It starts with the 3 Day Notice, which tells the tenants they have three days to pay the rent or leave. The tenant might provide you with the rent, or maybe you’ll get a promise that the rent will be caught up by a certain date. Whatever happens, don’t stop the eviction process. Keep it moving forward until you have the money that is owed. You should be able to successfully evict a nonpaying tenant within one month in the Tampa area. However, doing this requires the assistance of a professional.

Contact Rent it Network if you have any questions about eviction, or if you need help getting a delinquent tenant out of your property.