The Professional Property Manager’s World in Charlotte, NC – What it Takes to Be the Best

If you have never used professional property management in Charlotte, NC, you may think that our only job is to collect rent from tenants. That’s one of the things that a professional manager does, but there’s a lot more involved in the day-to-day operations of a rental property. A good property manager will communicate effectively with tenants, owners, vendors, and others. They will also protect your investment efficiently, and keep you informed on how it’s performing.

Landlord and Tenant Liaisons

Property managers must be the bridge between tenants and landlords. We also represent the property owner when dealing with vendors and contractors, homeowner’s associations, banks, insurance adjusters, and attorneys. We need to keep owners up to date on city and state codes, federal regulations, and the things needed at the property to maintain its condition and protect its value.

Maintaining Landlord Relationships

A good property manager will build relationships with landlord clients that are based on trust and respect. To achieve this relationship, communication is critical. Your property manager needs to talk to you about small things, such as tenant requests for new landscaping. Your property manager also needs to prepare you for large things, like a new roof or a major furnace repair. As an owner, you must trust your property manager to deliver clear and consistent messages on your property, your tenants, and your future. The best property managers help you build the value of your asset.

Maintaining Tenant Relationships

Developing respectful relationships with tenants will also benefit the landlords we work for. Property managers need to be responsive to tenants and willing to meet their needs. Good communication is essential in these relationships too; you want tenants to feel comfortable reporting maintenance needs to your property manager. If rent is going to be late, you want your tenant to feel okay about letting the property manager know ahead of time.

Property managers do collect rent, but our experience and expertise goes much further than that. We contribute to improving the success of your investment. If you have any questions, please contact Carod Properties.

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