Spend the Time and Prevent the Crime in Your Portland Rental

The best way to prevent the crime in your Portland, OR rental is by staying proactive and paying attention to the security details that you should have in place. You need to have functional locks on all doors and windows and excellent lighting so your tenant feels safe.

Property Locks

Check the locks on all doors, including the garage doors. Test the window locks as well. If your home has patio doors that slide open, make sure there is a lock as well as a way to secure them from the inside.

Home Lighting

Another great way to prevent crime at your rental property is with good lighting. Consider putting in motion sensors outside the property so the lights will come on anytime movement is detected around the house. You can also install lights that turn on and off through a timer. This is a great way to ensure your property stays safe when tenants are out of town or away from home. Lighting is important even when you are between tenants or managing a vacancy. An empty house is a target, but a well-lit house will be left alone.

Communicate with Neighbors

Make sure at least one neighbor has your contact information or the contact information for your property manager. The entire neighborhood should be willing to work together to keep the area safe and crime-free.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening has a role in preventing crime at your property. You need to take a thorough look at the criminal histories and backgrounds of all your potential tenants. Find out if there is anything in an applicant’s past that might put your home or your neighbors at risk. It’s important to avoid vandalism, drug abuse and other criminal activities that can happen.

Provide a secure property for your tenants with working locks, good exterior lighting and rigorous tenant screening. These types of precautions will protect your financial interests as well. Contact Jim McNeeley Real Estate and Property Management if you have any questions about keeping your property secure.