Dealing with the Security Deposit for Santa Rosa, CA Landlords and Tenants – Part 1

In today’s blog, we are sharing a security deposit guide for landlords in Santa Rosa, CA. We get a lot of questions from property owners about what should be charged when a tenant moves out. There are a couple of calculations that you need to be aware of and you also need to understand what qualifies as normal wear and tear. According to California Code 1950.4, a tenant is responsible for returning your property in the same condition in which it was received, except for normal wear and tear. When you have damage or issues that fall outside of that wear and tear, you can use the security deposit to pay for the repairs.

Charging for Paint

One of the most expensive things for a landlord to replace on a continual basis is paint. Whether or not you can charge the tenant’s security deposit to re-paint depends on the type of paint you use and the length of residency. Semi-gloss paint has a lifespan of five years while flat paint has a lifespan of two years. This is why we always recommend that you go with semi-gloss paint. It’s easier to maintain during tenancies and you can often touch it up effortlessly instead of repainting the whole house. A scuff mark left behind by a tenant won’t require a brand new paint job.

Charging for Floors

Carpets and linoleum can be costly as well. They last around 10 years, so when a tenant moves out after 11 or 12 years, you won’t be able to charge them for that carpet replacement unless a situation was created by the tenant that goes beyond wear and tear. For example, if the tenant had a pet and the subfloor beneath the carpet is damaged from dog or cat urine, you’ll be able to charge the security deposit for any cleaning or resealing of the subfloor that’s necessary.

According to this security deposit guide for landlords in Santa Rosa, CA, your security deposit charges will depend on age and situation. If your tenant lives in your property for seven years and you need to repaint it after they move out, you won’t be able to charge them for the paint unless there are holes in the walls or other types of damage. You’ll follow the same guidelines with flooring.

Security deposits can be complicated, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at DeDe’s Rentals, and we’d be happy to help you.