Screening and Marketing – The Recipe for Finding Great Tenants in Gilbert, AZ

Every landlord is concerned with finding great tenants in Gilbert, AZ. When you’re trying to get your home occupied quickly by a responsible tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of your property, you need to focus on two things: marketing and screening. Strategic marketing is necessary to generate interest among potential renters, and screening is important because it ensures you get a high quality tenant in your property.

After you have an aggressive marketing plan in place that includes online advertising, you need to focus on the important elements of tenant screening.

Background Check

During the screening process, you need to check an applicant’s background, including credit and criminal histories. Your property manager will handle this for you, and if you are screening tenants on your own, you can find an online service that runs these reports for you. Many landlords are tempted to trust the first impression or go with their gut instinct. That’s a mistake. Get all the documentation you can and check out everything the applicant tells you.

Employment and Income

Call employers and ask for income verification. You want to verify employment for at least the last two years and while you have an employer on the phone, it’s a good idea to get as much information about your applicant as possible. It’s important to make sure you aren’t speaking to a friend or family member of the tenant. Get specific details and find out how long the employer has known the person and whether they are responsible on the job.

Landlord References

The rental history is a critical part of the screening process. Call the current and former landlords and ask for information about the tenants. You want to know if rent was paid on time and you also want to know how well they maintained the property.

Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent

High quality tenants have the money required to move into your property. It’s not a good idea to accept a partial security deposit or only half of the first month’s rent. Filling a vacant property is important, but you want to fill it with financially responsible tenants. If your tenant is moving in halfway through the month, consider collecting a full month’s rent anyway, and then you can pro-rate the payment for month two.

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