Roof, Plumbing, and Other Maintenance Tips for Your Modesto, CA Rental Property

Taking care of preventative rental property maintenance can keep repair costs low on your Modesto, CA investment. Maintenance is one of those things you have to budget for when you own property, and if you stay on top of the minor and routine repairs, you won’t have to worry about unexpected disasters with the major functions of your home. Put together a maintenance schedule, and stick to it.

Inspect Your Roof

Make a point of clearing the gutters annually so that you don’t allow a build-up of leaves, sticks, and other debris. Look for drains and downspouts that may be clogged or malfunctioning. If you inspect your roof every year, you’ll extend its life and notice things like missing shingles or cracked surfaces. Always take a look after a particularly brutal storm season to check for damage.

Maintain Your Plumbing

When tenants tell you that something is leaking or your pipes are groaning all night long, check it out and get a plumber to do any preventative repairs. While you’re inspecting your plumbing system, make sure to also look at your sprinklers and valves. If the pipes under your home or behind the walls start leaking or burst, you’re going to have an expensive repair to make. So, take care of leaks and drips right away. During your regular property visits, check for standing water and feel the walls and floors for potential moisture. If the ceiling is discolored, it could be due to a leak. Small plumbing problems can quickly become expensive repair bills, so address them as soon as possible.

Treating Pests and Insects

Know the warning signs of pests and infestations. Termites will be attracted to dry rot and rodents will always look for holes in which to dig and hide. If you or your tenants notice any kind of insect or rodent, take immediate action. No one wants to live with mice or ants, and they can also cause damage to your property. You don’t want anything setting up shop behind your walls. Many rental properties are now dealing with bed bugs. Schedule regular inspections and get your home on a treatment schedule so you avoid pest problems.

Preserve Your Heat and Air

Keeping a list of qualified HVAC contractors is critical, but your first point of contact when there’s a problem with heat or air should be the manufacturer of your heating and cooling system. Keep your warranties on file and make sure your tenants understand how often to change their air filters. Have your furnace and your air conditioning unit inspected and serviced annually.

Maintaining the Electrical System

Before your tenants move in, check GFCI circuits and make sure they work. Take a look at your breaker as well, and always take care of exposed wires or switches that don’t work.

These maintenance tips will help you preserve the condition of your property and avoid expensive repairs. If you have any questions, contact Valley Oak Property Management.

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