The Required 5-Day Noncompliance Notice and Tenant Eviction Process in Fredericksburg, VA

The most common reason to pursue a tenant eviction in Fredericksburg, VA is for nonpayment of rent. When your tenant does not pay rent, you need to act quickly. Your lease should include the date that rent is due, and at what point it’s considered late.

5 Day Noncompliance Notice

Virginia law requires you to begin the eviction process with a 5 Day Noncompliance Notice. If your tenants know that rent is due on the first, and by the fifth you still have not received it, you’ll want to serve those tenants with this notice. Don’t wait any longer, otherwise the process will be longer and more expensive for you.

Unlawful Detainer

Hopefully, that notice will motivate your tenants to immediately pay the late rent. If this does not happen, your next step is to go to the local courthouse. There, you will obtain a warrant for an unlawful detainer. Court schedules are usually packed, so prepare to wait for this warrant. In some cases, your eviction could take at least a month or two. If you make a mistake or you forget a part of the process, you’ll have to wait even longer.

Going to Court

When your case does reach the courts, you’ll be required to provide documentation. Make sure you have a copy of your lease agreement as well as something that shows how much the tenants owe you. You’ll need to show how much has accrued in late fees, and whether there are court costs and attorney fees for which you are holding the tenant responsible.

Seeking Legal Help

When rent is late, you want to immediately serve your 5 Day Noncompliance Notice. After that, consider turning the case over to an experienced attorney. When you have legal representation taking care of the unlawful detainer and the court process, you’ll be sure that the eviction will move along as quickly as possible, which will save you money and get you possession of your property a lot quicker.

If you have any questions about the eviction process in Virginia, please contact us at Lorac Property Management.

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