Walk Through is Above All – Rental Inspections and Tenant Accountability in Salt Lake City, UT

The walk through inspection gives you a unique opportunity to talk with your tenants and to come to an understanding about the condition of the property and how you expect to have it returned to you. When you conduct rental inspections in Salt Lake City, UT, make sure you put together a report that documents how the property looks. Without that documentation, you won’t be able to keep your tenants accountable for maintaining the home during the lease period.

Consistent Move In and Move Out Forms

To properly document your move in inspection, have a form that you’ll use to note the condition of the floors, walls, appliances, yard, and other details. Keep that form on file and use it every time you do another inspection. You can use the same form during the move out inspection, and then you’ll be able to compare how the place looked then and now. Take care of any issues that are noted during inspections so your tenants know they can trust you to maintain the property.

Conducting Routine Inspections

You need to get a look at the property once in a while to make sure everything looks okay and your tenants are abiding by the terms of the lease. Drive by the home at least once a month so you can see how everything looks from your car. There’s no need to let your tenant know you’re in the neighborhood; just pass by and make sure you don’t see any broken windows, loose pets, or unidentified cars parked on the lawn.

Final Walk Through Inspection

Use your move in report to do the final walk through with your tenants, before they move out. Take notes and pictures and refer to the documentation from the initial inspection and any inspections thereafter. You’ll need to create a list of damages or tenant responsibilities, which might be stained carpets, missing window treatments, or large holes in the walls. If the place hasn’t been cleaned well, you can hire someone to clean and charge the tenant’s deposit. Keep a list of charges as you’re inspecting the home so the tenants know what to expect.

Conducting regular inspections that are documented and supported will ensure your tenants are held accountable and your property remains in good shape. If you have questions about rental property inspections, contact Advanced Solutions Property Management.

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