Ready Quicker, Rented Quicker – Rental Property Advice for Landlords in Brentwood, CA

When you want to quickly lease your rental property in Brentwood, CA, you need to make sure it’s in excellent condition and ready to be shown to potential tenants. There are a few specific things you should do when getting your property rent ready.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is critical, just as it is when you’re selling a home. When an agent approaches your property with a potential tenant, you want them to see a mowed lawn and shrubs that are trimmed. There should not be any weeds, and some fresh flowers at the front door will add interest and color. You want tenants to feel welcomed and comfortable. Make your curb appeal memorable.

Keep the Property Clean

Your house must be clean when you’re showing it to prospective renters. Have the carpets professionally cleaned and check the window coverings to make sure they aren’t dusty. The screens should be intact without any holes, and all the surfaces should be wiped down and gleaming, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. People viewing your property will open closet doors and turn on faucets.

Functionality and Safety

Be sure your home is functional and habitable. All repairs should be made, and there shouldn’t be any leaks or broken appliances. Replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries, and remember those features should be in each bedroom, in the hallways, and on each different level of the house. Pay attention to details like doorstops, fireplaces, locks, and handrails. It needs to feel safe in your home, and ready for move in.

Check the Utilities

Check with the utility companies and make sure your previous tenants do not owe money. A zero balance is often necessary for your new tenants to get the utilities turned on in time for their move in day. If there’s a past due balance, it might be difficult.

These things will help you get your property ready for the rental market, and once you start showing it, the home will rent quickly. If you have any questions about how to manage this process, please contact Select 1 Realty.

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