Do You Really Need a Professional Property Manager for Your Rental Property in Charlotte, NC?

There are several excellent reasons to hire a professional property manager in Charlotte, NC. Smart investors know it can make a difference in the success of your property.

Protecting Time and Providing Value

Most landlords hire a professional manager because they do not have the time that’s required to properly manage their rental home. You should spend your time on your own career, your family, your passions, and all the things you do best. When you leave your investment in the hands of a knowledgeable property manager, you’ll get your time back.

Negotiations and Relationships

Hiring a property manager means you have someone to represent you and your interests. Your manager can negotiate better rates with vendors, and talk to homeowner’s associations, tenants, and others about the things that impact your property. Maintaining relationships and keeping your interests a priority are two of the main reasons you need a property manager. You’ll save money and feel protected when you know your manager is working on your behalf.

Legal Knowledge and Protection

There are so many laws at the local, state, and federal level that pertain to rental property. You probably don’t have the time or the interest to know them all. A professional property manager does know the law and stays up to date on all the changes. Your manager will know what is required of you and what actions can be taken against a tenant when the lease isn’t being followed or rent isn’t being paid. Your management company will keep you legal, in compliance, and free from lawsuits and judgments.

Pricing Your Property

Setting and maintaining competitive rental rates is an art and a science. Your property manager will know the market well enough to price your property correctly. You’ll avoid long vacancy times, earn more in the long term, and retain the best tenants. Your property manager has access to data about demographics, comparable rental rates, and market values.

If you are still deciding whether or not you need a professional property manager, please contact Carod Properties.

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