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EVPM is the best resource for Landlords and Real Estate investors to learn everything they need to know about Property Management. Hundreds of people will look at your educational videos and review your Profile Page every month. Those who choose to inquire will have selected you based on your industry knowledge and your competence – not your price point.

Referrals vs. Paid Leads

Happy Customers.

Do you remember how it feels to get a referral from a happy customer? Your customers trust you because you’ve earned it. By taking the time to educate your prospects on the local intricacies of Property Management, you are earning their trust, as well. Dare we say that your EVPM inquiries will sound more like a referral and less like a paid lead with four other companies competing on price?

Trust 100%
Customer Base 100%

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By choosing to become one of EVPM’s Property Managers, you will lead the industry while building your business for years to come. All of your videos and articles, as well as your Profile Page elements, will play a huge role in helping you rank organically and build your company’s digital identity on the Internet.

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Profile Page Elements
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How to join

EVPM’s onboarding services are provided by our exclusive partner – a Top-Rated Digital Marketing agency that works exclusively with Property Management firms. Whether you are looking to set up your EVPM profile and publish a few educational videos, or you need a full Digital Marketing partner, the friendly staff at will help you get started quickly and efficiently.

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