Property Management Advice for Military Personnel in Jacksonville, FL

There is a large community of military personnel in Jacksonville, FL, and if you are part of that community, there are a few things you should know about the rental market in this area of Florida.

Jacksonville Benefits

We know military members and their families like the area because it’s centrally located to several major bases. Great houses can be found close to NAS and the areas surrounding Mayport are also good for military housing. You can find a diverse supply of homes that are a good fit for any budget. Jacksonville and the surrounding towns actually get a lot of retired military personnel down here because of the ideal climate and the high quality of life. If you like water sports, swimming and golf – you’re in the right place.

Military Renters

If you’ve recently relocated to Jacksonville and you’re thinking about renting, look for homes that are professionally managed. With the rental market so vast, it helps to have a lot of direction and personal service. Renting a house that provides professional management will also give you peace of mind if you get deployed or assigned elsewhere while your family remains in Jacksonville.

The best property management companies will take care of necessary repairs immediately and be available to answer any questions or respond to any problems. Look for managers who belong to the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). You can use rental sites including, and to find properties. Several good property management companies advertise on these sites. There’s a good supply of available rentals and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time scrolling through ads, contact a property management company directly and find out what they have available.

Military Landlords

When you own rental property in the Jacksonville area, you need to have access to a reliable network of insured and licensed contractors. It’s important to investigate the reputations of the companies you hire. Talk to former and current clients and find out what kind of work they provide. Professional property management companies can do this for you, and ensure that only highly qualified people are performing work at your rental home.

Contact Collins Realty Services and Property Management if you need any help at all as a military renter or a landlord.