Health, Safety, and Welfare – Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program in Long Beach, CA

Rental homes inspections in Long Beach, CA are part of city program that has been in place for over a year. This program is known as the Proactive Rental Housing Inspection Program (PRHIP). This was enacted to ensure that minimum housing standards were being met when it comes to public health, welfare, and safety. It requires the routine inspection of any rental properties in Long Beach. It also provides educational resources for landlords and tenants.

Participating in PRHIP

This is a self-funded program, so all rental property owners need to pay a fee annually. You’ll pay based on the number of properties you own. You’re required to follow the regulations of this program when you have residential rental property consisting of four units or more. This includes homes, lodging houses, boarding houses, and rooms for rent. You need to register within 60 days of November 1 every year. You cannot begin renting out your property until you are registered. In addition to the PRHIP fee, you also need to pay to maintain your current business license. The penalty of not registering is a fine of $1,000, or a six-month jail term. You are considered in violation every day that you don’t register.

Educating Tenants

As part of this program, you’ll be required to provide your tenants with an information packet that’s provided by the city. You need to give this to your tenants any time you have a new rental at your property.

Periodic Inspections

Your property will undergo regular inspections. City inspectors will look outside, at the common areas, and then take a random sampling of at least 10 percent of your units. If a violation is found, the inspectors can look at all of your units. You’ll receive a notice of inspection two weeks ahead of the date that your property will be inspected. If you’re working with a property management company, they may receive the notice on your behalf. A re-inspection will be scheduled if violations are found. Once a successful inspection is completed, you’ll receive a compliance certificate.

This can be a difficult program for landlords to manage, especially if you’re a new owner of investment property. If you need help, contact Belmont Brokerage & Management.

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