Preparing to Rent Out Your Property? The Professional Turn Key Process in Charlotte, NC

When you’re preparing to rent out a property, there’s a turn key process in Charlotte, NC that will make the home appealing to potential tenants. This is important because it means the property will rent faster, earning you more money and avoiding the costs associated with vacancies. A good turn key process will both evaluate the property and prepare it for the rental market.

Looking for Damage

If you’re between tenants, you should first determine whether any damage was left behind. You’ll need to take care of wear and tear items such as filling any small nail holes, touching up the paint on the walls, and professionally cleaning the carpets. However, if there are large holes in the walls, broken appliances, or damage from pets, you can charge the tenant’s security deposit for those repairs. Do a complete inspection of the home so you’ll know what kind of work needs to be done to prepare it for the next tenant.

Cleaning the Home

New tenants will want to move into a house that looks and smells exceptionally clean. You cannot put it back on the rental market if you have not had it professionally cleaned. Pay special attention to kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances. Make sure the landscaping looks good and the yard is free of debris and overgrown weeds. Your turn key process needs to include the proper attention to these details so the home is in outstanding condition for your next tenants.

Interview Your Property Manager

Talk to your property manager about their process between tenancies. You want a turn key experience, and they should be able to tell you what they’ll do and why it’s important. Make this one of your questions when you’re interviewing potential property management companies.

If you have any questions about this topic, or you’d like to see a complete explanation of what a turn key process should include, please contact Carod Properties.

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