Is Your Long Beach, CA Rental Property in Danger? Electrical Dangers Landlords Must Know

Rental properties electrical dangers in Long Beach, CA can result in major catastrophes like fires. Most fires in apartments and rental homes start because of an electrical issue, so you need to understand the potential dangers that may be present. Get some help from a professional electrician if you want to make sure your home is free from any hazards.

Ground Fault Circuits

Property codes require that you check for ground fault circuits in your kitchen and all the bathrooms. Those circuits can be shock hazards, so it’s always a good idea to check them; not just because it’s required to be in compliance, but because they can cause real problems for your tenants.

Outlets and Age

It’s also important to look at the age of your light switches and outlets. Most of them continue working safely for between 12 and 15 years. Beyond that, it’s a good idea to change the outlet. If it’s an outlet that’s not used very often and is in a place that’s difficult to reach, you can probably wait a little longer before changing it. When you do change the outlets, be sure you’re using the correct outlets. Depending on the wiring of your property, you’ll need to use either round outlets or wire outlets. Any time you change your outlets, you want to inspect the connections as well. Electrical codes have been updated, and to pigtail the wire connections, you may need to include an extra wire. If there’s a power outage, only one outlet will stop working. If your maintenance crew cannot handle this type of work, talk to an electrical contractor.

Arc-Fault Circuits Requirement

Another code change requires arc-faulting. Most problems can be corrected when you pigtail the wires, but to prevent fires inside the outlets, arc-faulting is required. This is particularly important for new construction homes. Make sure you put in an arc-fault breaker and arc-fault outlets.

Thinking about potential fires and electrical hazards isn’t fun, but it’s important that you’re prepared. Paying attention to these things can save your property and potentially the lives of your tenants. If you need help with electrical protections, please contact Belmont Brokerage & Management.

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