Pictures, Documentation and Best Move In Tips for Homeowners in San Antonio, TX

There are several inspection tips for homeowners in San Antonio, TX that can make a huge difference in your success as a landlord. It’s important to do a thorough and detailed inspection before a tenant moves in so you can document the condition of the property.

Walk Through

Walk through the property a day or two before the tenant moves in. This will give you the opportunity to check all of the systems, appliances and locks in the home. You can make sure everything is functional and in good shape. Give yourself plenty of time to pay attention to the home; an adequate move in inspection will usually take about an hour or more.

Move In Photos

Your move in inspection report must include photos. It’s important to take pictures of everything so you have a detailed record of the property’s condition. Take pictures of every room at a number of angles. You’ll want to be able to see how a room looks with doors opened and closed. Take pictures of closets, cabinets, floors, walls and appliances. The number of photos you take will depend on the size of your home. However, it’s not unusual to have 100 photos or more. These details will help you document how the property looks when you turn it over to your tenant. When a tenant moves out and you want to keep some of the security deposit to cover damages, the tenants might try to tell you that a problem already existed before they moved in. When you have photos and a detailed report, that claim will not hold up.

Professional Help

A good inspection requires a lot of detail and experience. If you’re not sure you can do the job the way it needs to be done, hire a property manager or a third party home inspector. For the low cost of between $75 and $100, you will get a professional report with a large number of photos. You can use that report and checklist during the move out inspection, when you’re comparing how the property looks.

Be consistent with your move in inspections and you’ll be able to protect your property from potential tenant damage. Contact Bluefax Realty if you have any questions or need any help.

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