No Smoke Detectors in Your Alexandria, VA Rental? Here’s Why You Need Them

It’s important to have smoke detectors in Alexandria, VA rental properties because they are required by law. If you don’t currently have them in your rental property, you need to make sure you install them. There are regulations about where to place them in your property, so talk to a property manager before you put them in, or consult the local property code.

Tenant Certificate

Before your tenant moves into your property, you are required to provide that tenant with a written certificate that documents the presence of smoke detectors in the property. Issuing this certificate means those smoke detectors have been inspected and found to be working. Provide this certificate to each new tenant who moves in as well as to renewing tenants every year.

Where to Place Smoke Detectors

The law states that you must install the smoke detectors in your property’s sleep areas. Place the smoke detectors right outside each bedroom, within a few feet of where your tenants would be sleeping. You also need to have them on each level of your home, even the basement. If you have a basement that has been turned into an extra bedroom or has space for people to sleep, you’ll need to put in a smoke detector down there.

Split Level Homes

You may be wondering how the law treats split level homes. If your rental property is split level and there isn’t a door between the levels, keeping smoke detectors on the upper level will be adequate. This is assuming the lower level is less than one full story beneath the smoke detector on the upper level.

Understanding the law pertaining to smoke detectors can be tricky. Cover all your bases by putting smoke detectors outside of every bedroom and be sure they are inspected and tested annually.

Contact The Realty Solutions Group if you have any further questions about smoke detectors and how to comply with the law.

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