Are You a New Landlord? Find Out How to Be a Successful One in Brentwood, CA

Landlords in Brentwood, CA often think they can take care of all the management duties themselves. However, to be a successful real estate investor, you need to gather a smart, reliable, and professional team of people who can help you make the best decisions for your rental property. Don’t be afraid to ask from help from these individuals.

Find a Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent will help you find the right investment opportunity. Buying the right rental home will ensure that you earn money on your investment. You need an agent who can help you negotiate for the right price. You’re looking for a home in a desirable location for tenants, that can provide you with regular rental income.

Hire a Professional Property Manager

Your property manager is a critical member of your team. This is the expert who will take care of the property for you. Everything from advertising the home to screening tenants, enforcing the lease agreement, collecting rent, overseeing maintenance, and making recommendations that will improve the condition and profitability of your home will be included in management services. Look for a property manager with a lot of experience and expertise. You want someone who is focused on management full time and is a leader in the industry.

Soliciting Legal Advice

You’ll need access to a good attorney. Many landlords don’t always need a lawyer, and hopefully you won’t get to the point where you’re evicting a tenant or being summoned to court to explain a security deposit deduction. Having an experienced and skilled attorney on your side will ensure you are protected if you do have to go to court. Get to know someone who can help you so you aren’t frantically looking for legal help after you find yourself served with legal papers.

Work with an Insurance Agent

Insurance is a big part of being a landlord. You need someone who can be specific about the types of coverage you’ll need to protect your investment property and your own financial interests. Review the coverage you already have, and talk to your agent about what you might need.

With a qualified and talented team in place, you’ll do an excellent job with your rental property. For questions about this, contact Select 1 Realty.

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