My Tenants Need to Go! How to Handle Evictions in Indianapolis

If you have a tenant who isn’t paying rent, that tenant needs to go. Filing evictions in Indianapolis, IN is not terribly difficult, but it’s always time consuming and it always ends up costing more than you want to spend. The best way to deal with evictions is by avoiding them.

Tenant Screening

Thorough tenant screening can prevent putting a bad tenant into your property. Former evictions, damaged credit and poor landlord references can be red flags and should be noted during the application process. Verify employment and income and make sure you are renting to someone who is responsible and able to pay rent on time every month.

Tenant Communication

Even tenants who pass your methodical screening process will fall behind on rent once in a while. When this happens, you need to start your collection and eviction process immediately. Call the tenant and find out what the problem is and how the tenant plans to catch up. The tenants might promise to pay on a certain day or offer to give you half the rent now and the other half in a week. Whatever gets worked out, make sure you start the eviction process right away. Even if they tell you what you want to hear and you believe them, get started so you aren’t too far behind in collecting your rent and protecting your asset.

Legal Help

It’s always a good idea to get help from an experienced eviction attorney. For evictions in Central Indiana, the process starts in small claims court in whatever Township your property is found. An attorney will know what to do and how to protect you from further damage.

Cash for Keys

Sometimes you need to be creative when you want to avoid eviction. Offering a relocation assistance program for tenants who are not paying rent can be a faster, more economical way to get your property back so you can find new tenants who will pay rent. Offer the tenants some money if they get out of the property by a certain date and leave it clean and in excellent condition. This will cost you less than an eviction and it will ensure you get your home back in good shape. This can be a better outcome for you, your tenants and your investment property.

Contact Indiana Property Management Group if you have any questions about evictions and how to prevent them.

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