The Must-Have Tenant Move-In and Move-Out Plan for Your Property in Chapel Hill, NC

The processes around tenant move-in and move-out in Chapel Hill, NC need to be organized, consistent, and well-documented. You’ll need to communicate with your tenants, keep track of the details, and have a plan for addressing anything that appears to be tenant damage after your residents move out.

Check the Property Condition

Before your tenants move in, and before you even put your property on the rental market, you need to make sure it is clean, in good condition, and functional. Complete a thorough inspection and address any issues that you notice. If you give a tenant a property that’s in excellent condition at move-in, you can establish your expectations that you get it back in similar condition after move-out.

Making Necessary Repairs

Scheduling necessary work before a tenant moves into your property takes a lot of coordination. You may need to have painters, general contractors, electricians, and cleaners coming and going to get the home into excellent condition. You don’t want to have everyone trying to work at once. Sending in the painter after the carpet cleaners have already been through the property will only cost you more money and time. Have all the work done, and then send in the cleaners so you don’t have to call them back. Pay attention to timing.

Move Out Inspections

Once your lease has ended and the tenant has moved out of the property, you’ll need to do an inspection and see what the property looks like. Use the move-in report and pictures to compare the condition of the home. If there are damages, you can charge the security deposit for those repair or cleaning costs. Complete this move-out process quickly. Your tenants will want to get their deposit back in a timely manner, and you’ll want to get all the necessary work completed so you can market the property and get your new tenants in place.
Keep a detailed checklist that you can use for both the move-in and move-out processes. Be consistent and use the list every time you move a tenant in or out. If you have any questions about how to do this effectively, contact Mill House Properties.

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