Maintenance and Costs – How to Manage a Successful Rental Property in Phoenix, AZ

Every landlord wants to minimize the amount of maintenance and costs associated with a rental property in Phoenix, AZ. However, it’s important to stay on top of preventative maintenance issues so they don’t become more expensive over time. There are a few things you can do to ensure your property is well maintained and your costs are affordable.

Ready to Rent

Maintenance is especially important before a tenant moves in, when you are preparing to put your property on the market. Have everything working and in excellent condition before move in, otherwise you’re asking for trouble. Your tenants will be upset that things are not functioning and you’ll have immediate repair requests to handle with a tenant occupying the home. Get all the work done before a tenant moves in because it will be easier, cheaper and contribute to a happier tenant.

Requirements of Owners and Tenants

There will be certain things that you need to take care of as well as responsibilities for the tenant to manage. Major repairs are your responsibility, and you will need to take care of air conditioning repairs, heating problems, maintaining and replacing the hot water heater and ensuring all the appliances in the home are working and safe. Tenants will have to take care of basic upkeep while they live in the home. If a tenant breaks something or causes damage, it will be up to the tenant to fix it.

Preventative Maintenance

Take care of routine maintenance issues swiftly so they don’t become more complicated and expensive. Heating and cooling systems should be inspected at least once a year and the hot water heater should be periodically checked for rust and calcium accumulation.

Insurance and Home Warranties

Many property owners choose to purchase a home warranty. This can save you money on major systems in your property and appliances you have in the home. Check your insurance policy as well so you can be sure you have the right type of coverage. You don’t want to have something happen and then find out you’re not covered because your policy has not been updated or reviewed.  

Saving money and time on maintenance issues is an important factor for landlords. Contact Paramount Property Management & Realty if you have any questions.