Looking for Good Tenants in Gilbert, AZ? Market Your Property Like a Professional

Part of attracting high quality tenants to your rental home is the way that you market your property. In Gilbert, AZ, it’s important for landlords to draw a large pool of potential renters because that will give you a number of different applicants to choose from. Having the right tenant in place will make a big difference in your success as a landlord. Make sure your marketing plan includes outstanding photos, detailed descriptions and a lot of reach. Good marketing will also help you determine whether you’ve priced the property correctly.

High Quality Photos

You need a good camera if you want to take good pictures. Use a digital camera that has a broad lens so you can capture the best shots of the rooms in your home. Always stand in the corner of a room when you’re taking a picture, and keep the light at your back or on your side. Take more pictures than you think you’ll need. When you have at least 50 pictures of your property, you can pick the best photos to include in your ad. Enhance the pictures by improving the exposure and removing any shadows that might show up. Paying attention to these details will really help your photos promote the home.

Property Description

When you’re writing your description, remember it doesn’t have to be long but it does have to be detailed. You want to make sure what you say catches the attention of prospective tenants. Your ad is going to compete with a lot of other ads. It’s important that your ad stands out, so use adjectives and be descriptive.

Syndicating the Ad

Once you have your ad written and your photos included, get the listing in front of as many people as possible. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and sites like Realtor.com can only be used by real estate agents. However, when you post on Craigslist, Zillow.com, Homes.com and Trulia.com, you’ll get a large audience for your rental ad. Make sure you respond right away to any calls or emails that you receive. If you want to rent the property quickly, you need to be available to show it during the day and in the evenings, as well as on weekends. Ideally, you will have at least three showings a week. When you get a consistent response to your ad, you can be sure the price is fair.

With the right marketing plan, you should have a great tenant in place within 30 days. Contact Mark Brower Properties if you have any questions or need any help.

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