Liability, Laws and Expertise – Why Hire a Licensed Contractor for Your Atlanta Rental

When you need maintenance or repair work, it’s important that you hire a licensed contractor for your Atlanta, GA rental. Many landlords hesitate before hiring a licensed professional because using a non-licensed repair person is often a lot cheaper. It might seem that way at the beginning, but mistakes and liability can cost you a lot more in the long term and leave your property at risk.

Professional Expertise

Licensed and professional vendors have the knowledge, skills and talents that are required to take care of your property. Treat the repairs to your investment property the way you would treat repairs to your own body. You wouldn’t schedule yourself for surgery with a practitioner who did not have a medical license. Talk to a few different contractors, just like you would do if you were seeking second opinions for your medical problem. Collect different bids and don’t gravitate immediately towards the lowest price. Quality of work is more important than cutting corners and sloppy, unprofessional work will only cost you more money.

Legal Requirements

One of the reasons that non-licensed repair people have such low rates is because they aren’t paying for insurance. They also are not bonded and they aren’t contributing to workers’ compensation or the contractors’ recovery fund. If they have employees, they are violating federal laws and state requirements. Workers who don’t have the means to get themselves licensed and insured probably do not have the money that’s required to pay for any mistakes or damages to your property if something goes wrong. If you’re having major repairs done on your property, a general contractor will be required. If your property has lead based paint or requires other specialized contractors, you need to remain legally compliant to avoid penalties.

A professional contractor will understand the importance of insurance and licensure. Good vendors will also avoid underbidding for work because they know that can lead to financial problems for their own company and your investment home.

Liability Issues

Remember that hiring licensed vendors with the proper insurance will protect you against liability. You don’t need the extra risk that comes with non-licensed contractors. There are always ongoing lawsuits against investors for poor work that can result in dangerous living conditions. Make sure you trust your investment property to people who are professional, licensed and qualified. It’s not worth the gamble you take just to save a few dollars on a maintenance issue.

Screen your vendors with the same scrutiny you employ to screen your tenants. Contact ALH Podland if you have any questions about who to hire.