Learning and Addressing Your San Diego Rental Property Maintenance Needs

Your San Diego rental property maintenance plan is necessary in order to preserve the condition of the home and the value of your asset. It also goes a long way towards keeping your tenants happy and secure in your property. Once you have identified the maintenance needs, be swift and efficient in addressing them.

Property Inspections

One of the best ways to find out what needs to be done is by conducting regular property inspections. It’s an opportunity to ensure everything is working and running and it also allows you to identify areas that need service. Any time you inspect the property, make sure you take a look at the inside and outside of the home. Check the major systems such as the air conditioning and the heat to make sure that everything is functioning and safe. Look for minor details too, that are easy to miss. For example, check faucets for leaks and make sure all the locks and doors are working properly. Urgently needed repairs will be easy to spot, but you also want to search for deferred maintenance issues that might be a problem later.

Tenant Communication

Establishing and maintaining good communication practices with your tenants will also help you identify maintenance needs at the property. Provide tenants with an emergency contact number in case something goes wrong at night or over the weekend. Set up a tenant portal that allows them to report maintenance issues and request repairs online. If your tenants understand the process of reporting problems, you’ll be able to get them solved quicker.

Conducting Maintenance Work

Most of the work your property needs will be a repair or a replacement of something that’s broken, or an upgrade to something that’s grown old. The type of service you schedule depends on what’s needed. If there’s a leak in one of the pipes, you’ll need a plumber to service the problem. If the heating or the air conditioning stops working, you might need to replace the entire unit. When the carpet gets stained or worn, you’ll need to completely replace it.

Safety issues are always important and you want to take care of those right away. If there is a smoke detector that needs to be replaced or a carbon monoxide detector that’s going off, make sure you fix the problem immediately.

Contact Cassidy & Associates if you have any questions about identifying the maintenance needs of your property or addressing the things that need to be fixed.