Late Rent Payment is Fine, Said No Professional Ever – Eviction Advice for Minneapolis Homeowners

There is not a landlord in business who enjoys chasing down a late rent payment. Tenants know when rent is due, and you expect them to pay on that date. If you have tenants who are consistently paying late or simply refusing to pay, you need some good eviction advice in Minneapolis, MN.

Grace Periods

Many landlords allow a grace period for rental payments. For example, if it’s due on the first of the month, it won’t be considered late until the fifth of the month. This doesn’t make sense. If rent is due on the first, you need your tenants to know that you expect that payment on the first – not the third or the fifth. If you’re consistent in requiring payment on the first and then considering it late on any day after the first, your tenants will pay on time or face the consequences.

Notices and Collections

When rent is late, be fast and proactive about getting it paid. Send the tenant a late notice or provide a written warning that rent needs to be paid. Things happen to even the best tenants, and you can be understanding without changing your rent collection policies. You also have to be consistent. You cannot allow one tenant to pay late but not another because that can be seen as discriminatory. If you don’t hear anything from your tenant after you send a notice, you need to take the next step and let them know they will face eviction.

Filing Eviction

Start the eviction process sooner rather than later. If you wait until the end of the month, you risk losing even more rental income. You’ll need to file for eviction in court, pay the fees and wait for your assigned court date. You can usually expect your case to be heard about two weeks after the date you file.

Once you’re in front of the judge, the tenants will be granted a stay and the judge will tell them how long they have to get out of the property. Usually, it’s about seven days. If the tenants don’t move out after the week, you need to get a Writ of Restitution from the sheriff. The sheriff will then give them 24 hours to leave and if they don’t, they will be physically removed by the sheriff.

Professional Help

Eviction proceedings can get complicated and expensive if you don’t do everything properly. Talk to an eviction attorney or work with a property manager so you know everything is being done correctly. Using a property manager to ensure rent is collected consistently can give you a lot of peace of mind and save you the hassle of trying to get your tenants to pay rent.

Contact us at Residential Property Management, Inc. if you need any help with a tenant who isn’t paying rent.

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