Landlord-Tenant Relationship Best Practices in Modesto, CA

The landlord-tenant relationship in Modesto, CA needs to be built on trust and respect. While it’s important to get along well with your tenants, you don’t want to become too friendly. Keeping some distance between you and your tenants will allow you to remain professional and continue treating your rental property as a business.

Tenant and Landlord Responsibilities

When you sign a lease with your tenants, you’re granting those renters the right to live in your property. For that privilege, your tenants agree to pay you a certain amount of money every month. As a landlord, your main responsibility is to provide a home that safe and habitable. You also need to keep your property and your activities in compliance with all laws that cover rental properties. If you become friends with one tenant but not others, it might look like you’re making special exceptions for them. That would violate fair housing laws.

Landlord Tenant Conflicts

Disputes can arise between landlords and tenants over a number of different issues. The tenant might think you are taking too long to address maintenance issues, and you might have trouble getting your tenants to pay rent on time every month. When these things happen, being friends with your tenants can put you in an awkward and uncomfortable situation. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a professional relationship instead of a personal one.

Modesto Property Management

When you work with a professional property management company, you are instantly setting up some distance between yourself and your tenant. This will take a lot of pressure off you when it comes to communicating with tenants and enforcing the rental agreement. Your property manager can worry about collecting rent and making repairs and resolving tenant disputes. You won’t have to worry about legal trouble or lease violations. Your investment home will be protected, and so will your privacy.
With the landlord-tenant relationship becoming more complicated than ever, a property management company can help you keep things in perspective. Avoid becoming friendly with your tenants, and let your manager handle any communications or complaints with the people living in your property.

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