It’s Not Fun but It’s Necessary – Dealing with Tenant Eviction in Alexandria, VA

There is probably not a single landlord who enjoys the topic of tenant eviction in Alexandria, VA, and that’s understandable. They are costly and time consuming. You should never attempt to evict a tenant on your own. Get professional help from a property manager or an attorney. The smallest misstep can cost you a lot of time and money, delaying your ability to remove a tenant. An attorney will understand the detailed notices that are required before an eviction can be successful.

Termination for Cause

When your tenants violate the terms of your lease, you can evict them. This will require serving the Notice of Termination for Cause. The notice provides them with written notice that you want them to leave due to something they did or did not do. This termination notice kicks off the eviction process for many landlords.

Cure or Quit

When your tenants have violated the terms of your lease but you don’t necessarily want to evict them, you can serve a Notice to Cure or Quit. This requires the tenants to fix whatever problem you have. For example, maybe the lease prohibits pets but two dogs have been discovered in the property. This notice will allow the tenants to remove the animals or face eviction. You will provide a timeframe for the tenants to solve the problem.

Notice to Pay or Quit

When you want to evict a tenant for not paying rent, the first step is serving a Pay or Quit Notice. This notice will provide the tenant with three days or five days in order to pay the overdue rent or move out of the property. If the rent is not paid, the landlord can move forward with the eviction process.

Unconditional Quit Notice

An Unconditional Quit Notice is served to a tenant who absolutely has to leave, no matter what. This is the notice you’ll serve when you want to evict a tenant and not provide any opportunity to catch up with unpaid rent or take care of a lease violation at the property. Their only option is to leave.

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