Tenant Eviction in Long Beach, CA – Important Information for Landlords

Tenant eviction in Long Beach, CA should only be considered when you have no other way to collect unpaid rent from your tenants or to get them to vacate without legal action. Many landlords fear the eviction process because they worry it will be expensive and time-consuming. You can mitigate your losses by working with the tenant whenever possible, and by getting help from a professional who knows the eviction process well.

Tenant Communication

When rent is late and the tenants have no plans to pay it, you need to try and work out a plan that will accommodate both parties. If you can convince your tenants to move out as soon as they realize they don’t have the money for rent and can no longer afford the property, you’ll avoid going to court. You can get the property back from your tenant, and re-rent it to tenants who can pay. That will save you money and it will save the tenants from having an eviction on their record.

Act Quickly

Begin the eviction process right away, even if you’re working out a resolution with your tenants. When rent is late and any grace period has passed, post a Three Day Notice to let the tenants know they either need to pay rent or leave. If that comes and goes without rent getting paid, begin the process to file an Unlawful Detainer. There are timelines and deadlines involved, and every day counts. Don’t lose additional money by waiting too long to begin the eviction process.

Work with Professionals

Hire a good eviction attorney with experience in landlord tenant law. You want someone on your side who works with the judges and clerks in the eviction court on a regular basis. Your attorney should understand the lease, and know the process to remove a nonpaying tenant from your property. You’ll also need a locksmith who can change your locks when you finally get possession back, and a property manager who can help you place a new tenant quickly.

No one likes to pursue tenant evictions, but they are often necessary when your rent isn’t being paid. Take decisive action, and protect your home and your income. If you have any questions or need help with tenant eviction, contact Progressive Property Management.

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