How to Interview a Property Manager in Santa Rosa, CA

If you want to know how to interview a property manager in Santa Rosa, CA, there is only one question to ask. That is: what color is your belt? You want a black belt property manager taking care of your rental home. Property management is similar to martial arts in a few specific ways.

Property Management and Martial Arts

You cannot buy a black belt when you’re practicing martial arts, you have to earn it. The same is true for property management. You cannot buy experience. You have to work your way through different situations and you have to grow comfortable and knowledgeable by gaining experience. There are no certificates for sale that indicate you are an expert in residential property management. Instead, you have to participate in continuing education and demonstrate your knowledge and skills on a regular basis.

Experience and Effort

Both martial arts and property management require involvement. You cannot sit in the back of the class and assimilate the information. It’s something you have to do every day in order to get better. It’s impossible to grade yourself when you’re practicing martial arts or working in property management. Instead, you have to work with mentors. For martial artists, this is often a Sensei. For property management, mentorship can come through local and national associations such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and the California Apartment Association (CAA). You’re able to continually improve yourself because of the resources, products and programs that are available to you.

Challenges and Setbacks

As you get better as a property manager or in the martial arts, you’re going to get a kick to the head once in a while. Use that experience to learn how to defend yourself and what to do to make sure it never happens again. Challenges are inevitable and the way you approach things makes a difference.

Now you know how to interview a property manager in Santa Rosa, CA. All you really need to know is the color of belt your property manager would wear.

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