How to Handle a Tenant Eviction Process in Sarasota, FL

The process of tenant eviction in Sarasota, FL is not terribly difficult, but it’s important to know what you’re required to do and when you’re required to do it. Aggressive rent collection will help you avoid eviction. When tenants are consistently late paying rent or they’re non-responsive when you follow up with them, it’s better to make a move right away so you can get a tenant in place who is able to pay rent on time every month.

Three Day Notice

The first step of the eviction process is to file a Three Day Notice. This is a legal notice that requires your tenant to pay the rent that is owed or leave the property. Serve this notice as soon as rent is late. Even if the tenants have promised to pay by a certain date, get the Three Day Notice on the books so that you can move forward with the process if the payment doesn’t come through. You don’t want to drag the process on longer than necessary. If rent is not paid on the day that it’s due and any grace period that you have in place comes and goes without payment, file the Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit.

Eviction Filing

When you don’t receive your rent after filing a Three Day Notice, it’s necessary to file an eviction with the courts. This does not instantly result in the tenant being removed from the property, but it does show them that you are serious about collecting your money, as specified in the lease. After you file the eviction, you can still accept the late rent from your tenant and cancel the eviction. Have your tenants sign an agreement that says you will pause the eviction process if rent is no longer late. This documentation can be used if you find yourself in court later. Instead of starting the entire eviction process over again, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Eviction Protection

Eviction protection is a great way to ensure you are not responsible for the cost of evicting tenants from your properties. Many professional management companies offer eviction protection plans to their clients. As a property owner, court costs, attorney fees and tenant turnover can be expensive when you have to evict a nonpaying tenant. The eviction protection plan will cover all of those expenses for you.

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