How to Find the Best Tenants for Your Sarasota, FL Rental Property

To find best tenants in Sarasota, FL, you need to have a serious screening process in place. One of the biggest mistakes a landlord can make is to pass over the screening procedures and the background checks. A prospective tenant might seem really nice, but those tenants that seem nice can cause you the greatest problems. Take your screening seriously so you’re sure to get a good tenant in your property.

Checking Credit

A credit report is necessary to review the applicant’s financial history. You want to know whether they pay their bills on time and have a lot of debt. Look for evictions and judgments, particularly money owed to utility companies and previous landlords.

Criminal Check

A complete background check should be conducted to check for past criminal activity. Putting a dangerous felon into your property can create a huge liability for you. You also want to check the sexual offender registry and the national terrorist watch list. Make sure your tenants don’t show up on the FBI’s list of fugitives or most wanted criminals. It’s important to be thorough in order to protect your property and your neighborhood.

Checking Employment

Employment and income verification are also important parts of the screening process. The best tenants have a stable employment history and they have been in their current job for at least one year. Verify income by calling the employer or asking to see pay stubs. You want to be sure that your tenant has enough income to cover the rent every month. It’s a good idea to require your tenant to earn at least three times the amount of rent.

Rental History

Talk to current and previous landlords, and ask specific questions. You want to know if the tenant was timely with rent payments, if there were any complaints from neighbors or the HOA and whether the police were ever called to the property. Ask about the property condition as well and if the tenant received the entire security deposit back. If previous landlords tell you that they would rent a property to the tenants again, you’ve probably found good prospects.

Take your time with the screening process and don’t skip over the essential information. It doesn’t matter how appealing the tenants seem when they come to visit the property. You have to check them out and make sure they’re going to be responsible with your property.

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