How to Deal with Bad Tenants and the Eviction Process in San Diego, CA

Landlords hate to think about eviction, particularly because of the time and money it can cost. Knowing the eviction process in San Diego, CA is absolutely essential because it can sometimes become part of your work as a property owner, even if you’ve done a great job with your tenant screening.

When to Evict

There are occasions when an otherwise good tenant needs to be evicted for nonpayment of rent. Perhaps your tenants lost their jobs or an unexpected illness prevents them from paying their bills, and suddenly they find they can no longer pay the rent. You might also need to evict a bad tenant who threatens or disrespects your other tenants and your neighbors or violates the terms of your rental contract.

Consistent Policies

When you’re considering eviction, make sure you’re consistent. Tenants need to know when rent is due and at what point it is considered late. You might have your rental contract state that rent is due on the first of the month, and then there is a grace period until the fifth. If the rent isn’t paid by the fifth, it’s considered late and a late fee will apply. If you still don’t get rent paid at that point, issue a Three Day Notice to Perform. This will tell the tenants that they must pay or face eviction. Consistency will ensure your tenants know what to expect and what the consequences will be. If you want to work with tenants and help them to get caught up – that’s great. However, you need to remember that protecting your rental income and your investment home is your first priority.

Professional Experience

Professional property managers are knowledgeable when it comes to the eviction process, but you’ll find that we don’t have to do it very often. That’s because we spend extra time and resources screening tenants to ensure only the most qualified people are moving into your home. If you aren’t working with a property manager but you need help handling a tenant that isn’t paying rent, you will soon understand how professional expertise and experience with tenants and the courts can benefit you.

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