How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Sarasota, FL

In order to ensure you have the most successful experience as a landlord, you need to choose the best property management company in Sarasota, FL. There are five specific things that will help you find a good manager to take care of your rental home.

Tenant Selection

Choosing the right tenant can really make a difference in the type of experience you have as a landlord. Your property manager needs to have a solid advertising strategy that gets your listing in front of the most desirable tenants. You don’t want all of your marketing to take place on Craigslist; choose a property manager who invests in strategic advertising and marketing.

Property Inspections

The best property managers will protect your property from unnecessary maintenance costs and high repair bills. You want a manager who does inspections before a tenant moves in and continues to inspect the property on a regular basis, right up until the tenant moves out. Good property managers take care of preventative maintenance so major problems are avoided, and they make sure your tenants are following the lease and keeping the home in good condition.

Legal Knowledge

Make sure you choose a property manager who is familiar with the landlord tenant laws and all the state, federal and local regulations. Court costs can be excessive if you get sued by a tenant, so look for a property manager who will keep you legally compliant. A detailed, state-specific lease agreement is important, and good property managers will make sure their leases are written and reviewed by experienced attorneys.

Maintenance Issues

Look for a property manager who has excellent relationships with local vendors and contractors. When something breaks at your rental property, you want to know that the problem will be taken care of immediately and with as little cost as possible. Good managers receive volume discounts from their vendors, which are then passed onto you. Stay away from any company that makes money off your maintenance problems.

Professional Associations

The best property managers belong to NARPM, or the National Association of Residential Property Managers. This organization holds its members to the highest ethical standards, and they provide tools and resources for residential property owners and managers.

Finding the best property manager for your rental home is crucial to your success. Contact Sarasota Management & Leasing if you have any questions.