How to Advertise Your Boise Rental Property Vacancy

Turnover time between tenants can be very expensive, and that’s why a good advertisement is important. To effectively advertise Boise rental property vacancy, you need to develop an ad that has the content people are looking for and professional pictures that capture the home’s best qualities. Your advertising plan should attract the tenants you want and prevent unqualified renters from wasting your time. You also want to remember not to violate any Fair Housing standards in your advertising materials.

Creating an Ad

Landlords are successful because they have good tenants. Your ad needs to be targeted to the tenants you want. The best tenants are going to be interested in smart listings that provide information about the things they desire in a rental property. You should mention your fenced backyard, because that will be important to families with children. Your ad should also mention the school district and what kinds of transportation and recreational opportunities are close. The pictures need to support everything you’re saying about the property; show the updated appliances in the kitchen and the large master bedroom.

Pricing the Property

Include the price of your rental when you’re advertising your vacancy. This will ensure you’re getting people who are able to pay the rent. Make sure when you settle on a price, you choose a number that reflects the market. Pricing it too high or two low will cost you money and vacancy time.

Online Advertising

The majority of tenants find properties online, so it’s important to post your ad on Craigslist,,, and A lot of tenants also respond to yard signs that they see so make sure you have a professional sign in front of your property with all your contact information.

Many people hesitate before posting on Craigslist because of its reputation for scams, but you have to include it in your advertising strategy. It’s where people are looking and we’ve found that 80 percent of available properties are advertised on Craigslist. Don’t bother with newspaper advertising. It’s expensive and you’ll get little response from those ads that you place in the paper.

Advertising Costs

If you’re working with a property management company, your advertising costs should be included in your property management fee. You’ll also get the benefit of a wider pool of renters who will see your ad because property management websites shares the listings with other online places.

Contact Greater Boise Property Management for help in advertising your rental vacancy.

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