How Landlords should deal with Pot Farms in Santa Rosa, Ca

Today we are talking about how landlords should deal with pot farms in Santa Rosa, CA. This is an issue that has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to Proposition 215. Pot farms are being found in residential properties, and we think they are a very bad idea. Here are a few ideas why you and your tenants should avoid them.

Electrical Concerns

When we talk about pot farms, we are talking about plants, and plants need a lot of light in order to grow and thrive. Your tenant will probably put in high intensity lamps in order to maintain a pot farm, and that will mean screwing them into the ceiling and producing a lot of light. This could easily overpower your electrical system. Another danger is that the breaker panel could suffer, meaning you have a huge fire hazard on your hands.

Water Concerns

In addition to light, plants need water. A pot farm requires more than the occasional drizzle from a watering can. You’ll have hoses running through the house to water these plants, and it’s a good idea to ask yourself what will happen if those hoses burst or leak. Combine the water leaks with the high intensity lamps, and you’ve got a potential mold situation that could become a nightmare.

Safety Concerns

Finally, when you’re thinking about how landlords should deal with pot farms in Santa Rosa, CA, think about the safety and security of your property. A pot farm could be an attractive target for criminals who have designs on stealing a tenant’s harvest. If someone breaks into the property or makes threats, you have a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to violence.

It’s very important to keep pot farms from being cultivated on your rental property. If you discover them, and you’re not sure how to resolve it and get your property back to its original condition, contact us at DeDe’s Rentals, and we can help you handle it.