How Does a Property Manager Take Care of My Tampa Rental?

Property managers in Tampa have a number of different roles and provide several invaluable services to property owners and investors. There is a lot more involved than collecting a rent check every month. A professional property manager is involved with your property on a daily basis and also helps you make long term plans for your investment.

Marketing and Advertising

A property manager will want to take a look at your vacant property and take some photos and videos that can be used for marketing purposes. A strategic advertising plan will be proposed and your property will be listed in a number of places, including online. As inquiries begin to filter in about your property, a good manager will respond immediately. It’s important to be available to show the property whenever it’s convenient for the potential tenant, and that’s often in the evenings and on weekends.

Screening and Leasing

The next step for a property manager is to review rental applications. Tenant screening is a very important part of a property manager’s job because you want to get the most qualified tenant into your home. After a thorough background check, a lease will be drafted with the help of an attorney who specializes in landlord and tenant law. We’ll answer any questions the tenant might have about the lease, collect the security deposit and schedule a move in date and time.

Inspections and Maintenance

Inspecting the property before a tenant moves in is crucial and will protect your home from damage. We take a video to document the condition of the property and then we let the tenant get moved in. If there are any maintenance issues that come up, we handle them right away. Qualified vendors who are licensed and insured will respond to any repairs, whether they’re minor or emergencies. Your property manager will take calls from tenants in the middle of the night when the air conditioning breaks down or the toilet backs up.

When a tenant moves out of your property, your manager will look for a new tenant and conduct a move out inspection. The condition of the property will be compared to the way it looked at move in, and we will make claims against the security deposit if there is cause. Then, we start the marketing process again and look for a new tenant.

Day to Day Management

There are a number of unexpected things that come up and property managers will take care of those issues on your behalf as well. We’ll collect rent when it’s late and start an eviction process if necessary. We’ll also meet with insurance adjusters if there’s a claim that needs to be filed and field any questions that your tenants might have.

If you have additional questions about how a property manager can help you take care of your rental property, contact Hoffman Realty for more information.

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