How and When Should San Antonio Homeowners Rekey Their Property?

It’s important that San Antonio homeowners rekey their property each time they have tenant turnover and new people are moving into the home. This is for the safety of your new tenants and also to protect your investment.

Texas Property Code

The rules about rekeying a property are found in the Texas Property Code. According to the law, property owners need to change the locks within seven days of a tenant moving out so that a new tenant can move into a newly keyed property.

Rekeying Costs

Rekeying a property is the landlord’s responsibility. You will have to pay the costs associated with new keys and locks as the property owner. If the tenant chooses to rekey the locks again during the course of a tenancy, then it’s the tenant’s responsibility to pay for the rekeying. The landlord only has to pay for it the first time. Any subsequent changes to the keys or locks will need to be paid for by the tenant.

Copies of Keys

Your lease should state that the tenant must provide copies of the key to the landlord or property manager any time that lock changes. You may need to access the property if there’s an emergency or in order to perform maintenance. It’s important you have a copy of the current key, even if the tenant is the party who chooses to rekey the property during the tenancy.

Contact Bluefax Realty if there is any confusion about when you need to rekey your property and who is required to pay for it.

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