Hire an Expert That Will Make You Money! Professional Property Management in Charleston, SC

You can find many levels of professional property management in Charleston, SC. When you’re looking for a company to manage your rental property, make sure you’re choosing an expert in the field who can minimize your expenses while maximizing your profits. There are several things a good property manager will do on your behalf.

Placing Outstanding Tenants

Placing the most qualified tenants in your home is one of the most important jobs that a property manager has. You’ll want someone who can effectively market and advertise the property, show it to prospective renters, and screen tenant applications. You’ll need help pricing the home correctly and gathering information on credit and criminal history. Fair housing laws also need attention. Placing a bad tenant can cost you a lot of money, and property managers minimize your risk in this area.

Collecting and Dispersing Rent Payments

Your property manager will keep you financially secure by effectively collecting rental payments on time from your tenants. Most management companies will have a sophisticated software system that allows tenants to pay online, which means you’ll receive your rent faster than if you had to wait for a check. When tenants do fall behind with rent payments, a good property manager will take action immediately and work with them to get caught up. If late rent becomes missing rent, your property manager will need to know how to pursue an eviction.

Coordinating Maintenance

Maintenance issues will always be a part of owning a rental property. Your property manager should save you money by working with licensed and insured contractors who offer competitive rates. Your management company will handle emergency phone calls in the middle of the night and respond to any repair requests, whether it’s a plumbing leak or a heating problem.

Protecting Your Investment

You want your asset to grow in value, and a good property manager will work hard to preserve the condition of your property. Protecting your home means conducting regular inspections, understanding the laws and regulations that pertain to rental property, and collecting a security deposit that’s large enough to protect you from too many out of pocket costs after a tenant moves out.

Property managers can increase the income you earn on your investment property, minimize vacancy and turnover times, and help you keep costs under control. If you have any questions about finding the right property manager, contact Charleston Property Management.

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